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HANDMADE Banners, Windsocks & Kites!
CUSTOM DESIGNED kites and banners are our specialty and at Above It All LLC we like toying with the wind.

Dave Colbert has been serving the kiting community for over 30 years and his custom Windsock, Banner and Kite designs are known for romancing the winds like a high quality flute.

Custom and NEW Designs on the market are here to put a smile on your face. Whether you fly at a park or at a beach, these designs are sure to please. Create a custom design feather banner and submit it for a quote.

Click here to see our selection of Feather Banners.

Christmas Windsocks are a tradition in our home and this year we have NEW WINDSOCKS to add to the collection. Personalized Windsocks make great Christmas gifts. Our Windsocks come in all shapes and sizes and are an attractive addition to any yard. Windsocks have been described as "color in motion" because some are known to brighten a garden and others are used to deter nuisance birds. Bright Rainbow Windsocks can turn a dull yard into a delightful garden.

Click here to see our selection of Windsocks

Patriotic Flags and Windsocks
Our selection of Patriotic Windsocks, Kites and Yard Spinners are a terrific way to show off your red, white & blue pride! Our USA wind wheels and yard decor will stand out and show the world your patriotism and support for our troops.

Don't forget to get your patriotic wind wheels and windsocks early, as July 4th and Memorial Day celebration comes at us in a rush.

Click here to see our selection of Patriotic Windsocks

Wind Garden Spinners
We offer a LARGE selection of yard and garden spinners. Everything from Hot Air Balloons to Kittens can decorate your garden with motion and color.

Click here to see our selection of Yard Spinners.

Windsock, Banner and Kite Accessories
We offer all of the accessories you'll need to display your windsocks and garden spinners. Flag and windsock poles, kiteline and winders we've got a bit of it all.

Click here to see our selection of Accessories

Kites for Christmas
Kids love flying kites, so why not give them a colorful kite for Christmas or Hannukkah! Spend hours of family fun flying kites for the holidays.

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